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Friday, 29 June 2012

Tyne Kittiwakes

A week or so ago I went along to the Tyne Bridge to check out the Kittiwakes ,looking down from the bridge first they are on every conceivable point but only as long as there others there also , on the opposite side of the road a zip wire was connected down to the Gateshead side and regular zippers where sent down, it actually looked like a bit of fun apart from the part where you have to climb onto the bridge parapet before you go  !!!!.
I am not sure how many Kittiwakes are now nesting here I was going to count them but it's a bigger task than you think, of what I could see there was not many chicks yet and some nests where empty.
Close views can be had of the birds nesting on  the Baltic,view from the terrace below the  viewing window so the building is at least  serving another  useful purpose apart from the great views, I did have a look over the balcony to the exhibition space all that was there was a stack of pallets, not sure if it was a piece of artwork or just a stack of pallets but what do I know .
Here is a video link from our  local film-maker and Blogger  Cain
 Looking down from the Tyne Bridge

Doesn't look like it's fooling  anyone !!!

These ones from the bridge and on the bridge.
 The Olympic rings
 Nesting on the Bridge towers
 Close up of one on the bridge
They even have the ability to level off the nests on the steel work ,that looks like a steep angle

A clip from my phone

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Johnnykinson said...

Great post Brian. Keep them coming to cheer me up through our ordeal. Just to say thanks again for your sympathies, THEY ARE APPRECIATED.