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Friday, 1 June 2012


Last week a visit to Kibblesworth Brick Pools apparently the site of a very large  Brickworks than used as a refuse tip now landscaped, the report of a Broad Bodied Chaser , a Dragonfly species that has evaded me so far  was all it took for me to head over , I arrived with expectations of getting some good photos of  my fist BBC but alas I circled the pond numerous times with no sign a couple of Large Red Damselflies  myriads of teneral Damsels floating off to the nearby tree cover  was all I  got , I even stupidly formatted my card losing the photos I had taken . Having not found any actual dragonflies I sat down for my sandwiches  when a  Cuckoo called and flew across just behind me as I watched it into the distance a red Kite came circling  overhead  and later three Buzzards in the air together. So with the target not around I looked for Butterflies plenty of Wall Brown and a few Small Heath but only one Dingy Skipper could be found , I find these a difficult species to locate more Moth like in flight it's hard to keep track of them watching till they land .

Kibblesworth Brick Pools there are actually several pools one is very overgrown one drys out and all suffer from severe disturbance , from Vehicles, rubbish, or people constantly throwing items in for dogs to retrieve 
 The main pool these two shots taken with my phone which actually takes a half decent photo, and the view across the reclaimed tip over to The Angel.
Red Kite pays a visit
 Two of three Buzzards overhead
 Small Heath
 Dingy Skipper


Johnnykinson said...

No BBC for me either last week at Kibblesworth. Poorer weather and lack of transport has put the kybosh (is that how y spell it?) on me for the last few days. I got my only Dingy Skipper so far at Havannah. I'm jealous of Dick finding Northumberland !!!!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John, Going to make a big effort this next week and check everywhere for a BBC.