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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Common Swifts CCTV

Yesterday was the first time I had seen the chicks surprising given there size ,I was wondering what was going on expecting to perhaps see just very small chicks at first, in the drive I found the hatched top portion of a Swifts egg neatly cut just like like you top a boiled egg so that nest also has young .

Here is a short clip, I know the quality is not good it's only a small home CCTV  , but at least this one has SOUND I have been trying for months to capture the sound especially when the two birds are together preening they give off loud screams , I would like to say it is my technical ability that has fixed the sound problem as I could see the fluctuating sound levels on the capture programme but no matter what I did I could hear nor capture any sound , so I'm thrilled at having both the chicks calling and the parent bird scream. I don't know how and I don't care as long as it works !!!!!!

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