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Thursday, 12 July 2012

You've Guessed It !!

Yes you have probably guessed that this is another post of  a visit up the coast taking in Cresswell Pond , Druridge Pools , and East Chevington  this was a reasonable day with some sunny spells and I spent a long day looking for subjects to photograph , Cresswell  still had about 10 little Gulls and 3 Avocets, but little else of  note ,Tree Sparrows are nesting in the roof of the barns in the adjacent farm, I remember as a child when when most boys used to go bird nesting that Tree Sparrows where very hard to get they used to build a large untidy dried grass nest way up high in a Hawthorn  now they seem to either only use nest boxes or buildings.
Druridge Pools in the am held nothing out the ordinary so I checked for insects  etc
; Ringlet ,Meadow Brown , and Speckled Wood  on the wing .
East Chevington 2 Marsh Harriers on show  and by now it was warm and sunny and I had now swapped my rain hat for a sun hat and headed off in search of flowers, plenty of Common Spotted , and Northern Marsh Orchids , Birds Foot Trefoil very common , Rest Harrow, Milkwort, and carpets of Bloody Cranesbill , hundreds of Twayblade  a rather bland looking Orchid till you get a good look at it , also some very nice Marsh Helleborine  and I even found a new flower to me in the form of  Lesser Meadow Rue . Back at the car the Marsh harriers showing well  I videoed one sitting  on a small bush  a Barn Owl came over and quartered the site eventually flying off with prey.
Headed back to  Druridge and  encountered another Barn Owl , plus a M/F Marsh Harrier, the only sign of Long Eared Owl was one bird sitting on a fence post , the light failing I headed home but was surprised to find another Barn Owl hunting near Cresswell , turned out to be one fantastic day .

 About ten Little Gulls at Cresswell

 Speckled Wood at Druridge
 Birds Foot Trefoil gets it's name from the seed case  which resembles you've guessed it a Bird's Foot
 Marsh Helleborine this one with a small beetle.

 Common Blue
 Lesser Meadow Rue  the flowers look more like bananas
 Long Eared Owl  not the quality of some more recent photos of these birds , but I'm pleased with it as it was right over the other side of the field !
Tree Sparrow at Cresswell
 Barn at East Chevington
and Cresswell by now it's getting dark and the end of a fantastic day !!!!
Marsh Harrier

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