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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Stargate and the Spetchells

Had my first visit to The Spetchells  awhile ago started off at Stargate a reclaimed Gravel Pit / Landfill site looking for Broad bodied Chaser a pleasant enough day with sunny spells 2 Four Spot Chasers and numerous Damselflies first Common Blue of the year and some nice spikes of Bee Orchids also Common Spotted and I think Northern Marsh Orchid, no sign of the BBC ( but in the longer sunny spells of the afternoon they where reported  again.)
Th Spetchells  are spoil heaps of chalk from a chemical works that operated till the 60's , if these are the waste the actual production much have been huge the sides are steep and the top is fairly flat they must contain millions of tons of chalk, I found plenty of Marjoram, Yellow Rattle ,Bird's foot Trefoil, etc: some Wild Strawberry,and numerous plants not in flower at the time , the sun came out for awhile and it was very hot up on the top , I would like to visit this again but perhaps with someone that know's Botany .

 Bee Orchid a stunning flower

 These where along the path , huge areas of Himalayan Balsam, and Giant Hogweed along the river 

 Common Blue with a wing deformity 

 A couple of day flying Moths this one common
 Don't know this one  could not get any nearer to it
 Speckled Wood


Johnnykinson said...

Nice to see you've got B.O. again.

Bee Orchids !!!!!!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers John not been to Cobalt yet to check those out yet !