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Friday, 20 July 2012

Long Eared Owl

While we had that spell of "showers" last week a break in the clouds saw me head to Druridge  in the hope the Long Eared Owl would be in flight also taking advantage and perhaps hunting near the hide , it was not long before one showed although distant it gave good views in the scope and a couple of times coming fairly close although the light was still very dull for flight shots and I failed to get anything decent .At one stage a juvenile flew up to meet it as it returned to where they where roosting in a pine , it caught prey several times and then sat obligingly on the fence so I got some digi via the scope , a juvenile dropped in front of the hide also , I was glad to have dragged myself out of the house even on such a dull day  the LEO's performed brilliantly . 
A couple of videos stitched together by the production team    !!!!!! seeing Leo's out in the daylight it's worth a go .
 Having them sit still helps with exposure on such a dull day
 I took numerous flight shots and really should have had some better results , most problems being the inability to get a focus as it flew past
 Juvenile Heron in stealth mode ..

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