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Saturday, 7 July 2012

River Blyth

A visit along Blyth  River just before last weeks heavy rain actually last weeks very ,very heavy rain , it had been raining most of the morning but cleared enough to prompt me to get out  so the River being the nearest area I headed off  might as well have gone in the rain because as I crossed through the long grass  I was soaked through even into my so called waterproof Goretex boots . The settling pools where at full flow but not even a Gull on them two Linnets several Meadow Pipits and also two Reed Buntings inhabited the fence around the compounds I checked the rough ground within looking for any waders which I am sure must nest there as it suffers from no disturbance at all ,well human anyway, Some guys looking for bait on the mud flats of Monkeys Island ( I forget why they called it that ) so ,little around there 1 Male and 2 female Goldeneye on the river but from where , as they are surely early  winter visitors.
This year was the first time I had noticed Lesser Black Backs  nesting on the Power Station sheds and some of the  factories  I knew Herring Gulls where using factory roofs etc: as there are several pairs around the streets where I live nesting between the large chimneys, there where a few Herring Gull young around but I could see no young LBB as they all still seemed to be sitting, I wanted to try and get a series of photos of  young/juvenile LBB, I have not been back since but fear they are probably all gone washed off by the rain not much could stand that.

 Common Blue the only butterfly noted , not seen any Dragons/Damsels at this site of any kind yet it looks ideal at first glance but nor have I seen an any kind of life in the water of the settling pools
 Lesser Black Backs presume it's the Male bringing fresh nesting material for the Female
 Two young Herring Gulls centre
 First of the year Five Spot Burnet Moth but again will these be as common this year
LBB in the centre that could be a chick with it

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