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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dragonflies Day

Dragonflies Day well that was the plan as I took advantage of what started off as a sunny day and had a look at some local ponds for dragonflies, first thing I came across is another Yellow Ladybird of which I found three that day funny how I had never seen them before, now I have seen them on most days out, as usual plenty of Damselflies around one chap said he had seen lots of Emeralds some weeks back but I have not seen any at the sites I visit and I think it is too early perhaps they where teneral damselflies. Despite the decent weather not a single Butterfly seen they seem very thin this year, nor any actual dragonflies seen either 
 I think there are some 14 species of Ladybird I have seen about 4
 Again not sure what these are I think they are grouped as Sailor Beetles being blue while the red ones are grouped Soldier beetles ?

 This insect on an Umbillifer
 The fish where having a nibble at this Large Red so I fished it out and as it dried got some closer shots of it

 Will have to look this up
 Plenty of Orchids coming through now
 Large Red Damselfies  coupled
 Common Blue coupled
 These yellowish flies seem very common this one on a spent Flag Iris

1 comment:

Johnnykinson said...

Another "BOBBY DAZZLER" headed.
I was up at Big Waters on Tuesday last week in warm conditions and had loads of Damselflies. Very active in wheels, coupled, oviposting...they almost seemed frantic and making up for lost time but no Emeralds and no Drtagons although John has said he's seen a couple there and a guy in the hide said one passed as he sat.