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Friday, 13 February 2009

10-02-09 Plessey Woods / Iceland /Glaucous Gulls

Tuesday I had a look in Plessey Woods, took some suet etc: and left it for the birds while I went for a walk ,no Squirrels today perhaps it was a bit late in the morning, Siskin new for the year GSW hammering but not with any vigour these two landed near me ,the walk very quiet single Mallard on the river no Dipper although I have seen them this year, small party of Long Tailed Tits, and a single Jay later got settled down and was lucky have a Marsh Tit drop in , Nuthatch Coal Tits, and Treecreeper, just can't get a decent shot of Treecreeper, what little light there was moved over so I drove down to the South Harbour where there is a small carpark, from here you have to walk, the security hut has moved but you can still get this years tide table from here for only 50p. The Glaucous 1st year on show just sitting on the water it flew off and I realised I had filled my card and with no spare had to go home for one , John Malloy was also here and we spent the time trying to get some shots of the two Icelands that where obliging but would not sit together for a comparison shot, it was harder to tell the two apart presuming it is the same two as I have already got , perhaps it was the strong light, RB Merganser still near the yachts but did not have time to check the river.

Dali type face formed from ice, can you see it, or is it cubism what do I know about art .........

Siskin singing softly
Classic Marsh Tit, glossy head, two tone cheeks ,small bib,

Heron balancing on it's perch

Glaucous Gull Blyth Harbour looking at this again this is an Iceland Gull the bill colour was what first caught my eye, but head shape wrong and tail projection too long

Iceland Gull

Posing for us at the end of the day, not more than a few feet away.

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