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Sunday, 15 February 2009

12-02-09 A Winter Walk, snow ,snow , snow, slip !!

12th Feb the heavy snowfalls looked fantastic in the garden and at the time it was stopping for a spell ,so I thought I would go out and get some winter shots but actually it got heavier, Woodpigeon another fairly recent garden visitor before I left, got up into the open fields a huge mixed flock of Corvids, Woodpigeons , Fieldfares, Redwings , and Starlings feeding in the stubble, a lone Teal looking lost, and a couple of Meadow pipits perhaps wishing they where elsewhere, Woodcock flushed just before I stood on it they look pretty big that close, heading back home another flock of Thrushes looking like they had just come in crossing the dunes, every thing looked quite picturesque, the only down side I slipped on some ice under the snow going down a small hill , and fell heavily right on my camera , it was in the case but boy did it hurt as it dug in my side, it seems OK but I'm not and still find it hard to get around so Ivé not been out since .

I saw this through the snow looked like a small gull at first

There must have been some water here before the snow covered it , judging by the number of gulls around

Meadow Pipits, there was signs of birds all over the place in the form of footprints, Partridge digging down looking for food a few Deer tracks also

There are some large flocks of Thrushes around now, they seem to be everywhere, these look as though they had just come in.

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