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Saturday, 14 February 2009

11-02-09 QE11 Glaucous / Linton gulls again

Buzzard near the roundabout before Linton

Wednesday 11th Called in at QE11 pond on the way to Linton a good part of it was frozen over there was a raft of ice with a few gulls on and in with them a Glaucous which looks like a 2nd winter bird , I walked around to get the sun behind me they sat still until I tried to set up the tripod and they where off it landed on the water facing into the wind but away from me any way got a couple of shots.
Linton also a good part frozen, with a lot of gulls sitting out on the ice , my first Lesser Black Backed of the year, and a couple of orange ringed Herring Gulls, and one with some odd rings on hard to make out whats on them, two fox on the ice the vixen lay prone with ears back as the dog passed she then slinked off tail very low, no white winged gulls here today again.
Glaucous Gull QE11 pond

Glaucous Gull QE11 pond digiscoped

Glaucous Gull QE11 pond
Never seen rings like this before that top left ring looks uncomfortable

standing on one of the islands

The Gulls keep half an eye on them as they clean up on the ice.

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