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Thursday, 19 February 2009

19-02-09 Blyth Iceland Gulls

Eventually got out today just went down to the harbour for the Iceland Gulls which are still there the two sitting near each other, not many other gulls around, the fishing boats mostly out so they would probably bring birds in with them, I sent in a message but for some reason it did not come through, this is not the first time this has happened , I aways send text ,perhaps there not bothering with Icelands now .
I have started another blog for the surplus gull photos , it's not going to be for I.D., but I would welcome any comments if you think I have got I.D. or age wrong, I am sticking with 1st winter etc: , I know it's not the form now but have not quite got my head around the calender year ageing,I can add it as I go, Icelands do not moult from Juvenile to 1st winter granted, but to me the bird is still in it's first winter of life , so I have added some heading but so far only a few photos.


Alan Tilmouth said...


Birdguides or RBA?
Why not send it to Bird North East?

If it was Birdguides it may have been because there were three Iceland Gulls rang in earlier?

abbey meadows said...

I must get down to see them. lovely shots.

Northumbrian Birding said...

I subscribe to RBA so I like to put some info in to the system as well as take it out.
Whilst there is not much else in the area at the moment it is worth going down to see them ,they are settled there for now but could move on anytime.