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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blog Birding

I forgot to upload this photo which was the main reason for the post, Bewicks Swan digiscoped in the field near the Linton roundabout 12-11-05 is the date , which I think is the last time I saw Bewicks Swan that does not seem right I must have seen them since then although I know none where reported in 2007, changing times.

Spending my days looking at blogs to see what I am missing , and not much it seems ,it's a miserable dull rainy day here, I have received my tripod leg clamp from Manfrotto , cost about 14 pounds and as there are six that could get easily broken, if you've got a Manfrotto there is a website with all the models in PDF format , and if the part is in stock you can get it straight away, mine wasn't ,I was told it would about 5 weeks delivery but actually it was less, but don't put off ordering a part if needed, especially if your planning a trip away, I use my tripod all the time and would be lost without it, I was able to repair mine by taking the clamp apart and wrapping in black electricians tape, you do not need to be qualified to use it ,put the bolt back through and it worked Ok, so that's my tip of the day get a roll of leccy tape, available in various colours for the fashion conscious even camouflage but that's extra.
I must get out , I must get out!!!!!!!!!


Blyth Birder said...

I was just thinking about Bewicks Swans the other day as the last one I saw was in the fields East of Bothal Pond, viewed from the roadside, looking South.

I remember thinking 'what houses are those over there'.

Now I know 'cos I live there.......funny how things pan out.

I could do with another in that same field for a canny patch tick.

Northumbrian Birding said...

I think we would be grateful for one anywhere in the County, although then it would probably still be a patch tick for somebody !!