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Saturday, 28 February 2009

23/24-2-09 Scaup & Iceland

Monday I tried to catch up with the Mandarin on Killingworth Lake walked the lake twice but no sign ,Goosanders still around also Goldeneye and a Scaup, I hoped it may have turned up on one of the other local ponds , Holywell or Marden , but not up to now , I was still finding it hard to get in and out the car so I just headed back home.
Tuesday the report of 3 Icelands at Blyth and one a 2nd Winter so I headed down , two 1st Winters were nearly together, one is much paler than the other , they can disappear at times but I always look on the boats the gulls pick out fish that are stuck in the nets or look for scraps and can be easily overlooked, one took to robbing a Herring Gull that had just taken the catch off an Eider, no sign of the third one for me which was a pity I would like some photos of a 2nd Winter , no divers in the harbour this winter and I have yet to see any in the bay.
Goosanders Killingworth Lake

Scaup Killingworth lake

This one looks small headed and rather petite, the strong light could be making it look paler.

This one is taken in shadow but it is duller overall.

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