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Sunday, 8 February 2009

4-02-09 Linton Ponds

Wednesday 4th Feb, after a heavy frost and thinking a lot of the pools in the fields would be frozen so i went for a spell to Linton Ponds, and indeed it was mostly frozen with only a small couple of openings, so there was plenty of gulls sitting around , scan after scan as new birds dropped in revealed nothing unusual, Pochard Teal and about 8 Gadwall males all posturing around in front of the couple of females. It looked really promising for something good but alas no , and I looked a a few gulls by the end of the afternoon, but there is always next time, if I ever thaw out.

With the pond frozen the gulls like to sit out on the ice, only one with a colour ring to far to read

Loafing about............

Great BB just floating around all afternoon right in front of the hide, not sure if it was in trouble or not.

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