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Thursday, 29 October 2009

28/29-10-09 Around the ponds .....................

Wednesday just a run up the coast checking the ponds ,no sign of the Glossy Ibis Grenshank still present, and a few duck, walked to East Chevington throught the dunes a flock of about 30 linnets, and a larger flock 100+ Goldfinch with also 4 Stonechats, walking down to the sea at the East Chevington outflow, I was surprised to see a Grey Squirel bounding along the path it saw me turned and dived into cover near the small pool, 2 Red Breasted Mergansers and a few Sanderling was all I had. Checked the shore ets at Lynmouth in the hope of Snow Buntings but actually nothing at all.

I just liked the look of this taken with my camera bag as background for contrast.

Grey Squirrel at East Chevington outflow !!!!

Thursday the news of Pectoral Sandpiper at the Beehive flash , so I called there on the way around to Holywell Pond but no sign I waited for awhile in case it was in the tall grass, but only a single Redshank , Holywell numbers of Gulls building up , 5-6 Goldeneye, I had made the mistake of not picking up my scope although I had the tripod which I had been using to take some photos , SP came into the hide he had seen a Green Winged Teal which had flown up , we picked it out in the corner but at some distance , it eventually lifted and seem to drop to the west.
2 Jays also along the north hedge , a group of Pinkfeet flew over twice looking as if to land but drifted off again, always a better chance of picking out Bean Goose on the water, if you have a scope with you that is !!!! . Two Migrant Hawker in front of the hide I thought them late but my book states to the end of October, so they still have two days to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. the light faded but the Teal did not show again, SP picked out a Water Rail over the far side so not a bad couple of hours for a dull afternoon

Two heavy crops of the Green Winged Teal

Pinkfeet deciding not to land and went into the fields instead

One of two Migrant Hawkers it never settled

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