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Monday, 12 October 2009

Mega Seawatch session ............not

This morning I intended to go seawatching, but looking out the wind strength was not as forecast, ended up at Woodhorn Church checked the hedge to the south ,only a Blackcap & a couple of Great Tits, with a few Blackbirds, on the pond a line of Black Headeds on the posts, in with these at least one adult Med ,but there was also a 2nd year bird that flew off, and three 1st year birds, one with a colour ring which I have sent off, replies for the last ones where returned swiftly, one I had sent in twice before, and has been a regular at Newbiggin for some time , one from Belgium to Spain , Spain, Belgium & Newbiggin, with the 1st year coming from Pais de Calais.
The Mound for lunch well a coffee & snack in the car , tramped over the area but nothing other than a lot more Blackbirds & a few Redwings, so I ended up back on the beach , but dog walkers despite the ban, chased everything off , a short seawatch late afternoon turned up nothing so it was an early end to the day.
This used to be an excellent pond for waders, but the edge is getting overgrown

3, 1st year birds interestingly all in a slightly different state of mould ( or moult if you want to be picky !!!! :) )


Alan Tilmouth said...

That Med has been around a while but surely not long emough to develop 'mould' Brian?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for that, at least it shows someone is reading it.