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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Vegetating, Contemplating, Meditating

I started the day off late at The Mound, only Grey Wagtail, a couple of Goldcrests & about 100 Redwings straight over, so I went down to the bay it was rather dull by now, picked out several Med Gulls at least three with colour leg rings and at one point all together, and sitting on a flat rock a juvenile Gannet, I had a good look at it but did not go to close walking around to check it out ,looked fine wing wise with no obvious droop ,but obviously had something wrong ,going away from it and looking back its head was tucked in and actually from any distance it was hard to see. 8 meds in total ,2 1st,2 2nd, 4 adults
A short seawatch only produced 2 Brent, 3 RTD, 9 Scoter and a single Manx ,with a Juvenile Gannet overhead from the bay with an injured foot ,more than probably the same bird ,at least it could fly well and would perhaps recover somewhat.

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