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Friday, 23 October 2009

Eastern Crowned Warbler........................Trow Quarry

Just a few of the birders ,with nearly as many up on the top !!!!!

Well the strange tale of the Eastern Crowned Warbler, I.D.'d from a photo posted as YB Warbler,and what a cracking photo it was , this is the first record for Britain , so you could expect a lot of people to turn up , I was there before first light but already about 100 birders were lined up waiting for some light , it showed quickly giving good views , a terrific supercilium, but I could not see the crown stripe . So I hung around and got a couple of brief views, until I went up to the edge of the quarry away to the side ,here it gave better views , chased by a Robin and later a Yellow Browed Warbler , I got much better views of the crown stripe which was hardly noticeable at the front but more prominent at the rear, I don't have any field guide on this bird so have just gleaned info from the net
There was no hope of photos at this stage , so I just enjoyed the views it was giving , at one stage it flew behind us into a single Sycamore just yards away , flitting around I just could not get onto it ,then a Robin chased it back into the main cover , this is when a good few birders ran back to the edge it was turning a bit into chaos, so I thought time to go ,I'm not going to get any better views and with more and more people turning up it was only going to get really crowded on the quarry edge.
Stopped into Blyth Cemetery and picked up the Black Redstart
Black Redstart Blyth

Brent Goose Newbiggin beach

Great Crested Grebe Blyth


abbey meadows said...

That Black Redstart was worth calling in for Brian..stunner

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes they are always a welcome sight.