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Monday, 19 October 2009

Lesser Whitethroat.........17-10-09

I upload here just for the sake of completeness the only photos I got of the Lesser Whitethroat ( probable form halimodendri ), I dont have the article relating to this , so will have to rely on Internet sources.
I see 2 Richards Pipits are again reported as still present on Brownsman Farne Islands , I always thought this island had no public access !!!!
I have received the info re colour ringed Sanderlings at the Links near St Marys, as I thought they are from the Iceland scheme.

This bird presented a bit of a challenge, it showed very well at times ,but it's a different matter when you try and get some shots , especially in thick ,dark cover(sounds like chocolate) , when you try and get bird photographs its not just the art of taking good pictures you have to master, its also the art of a good excuse when you don't.

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