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Monday, 18 January 2010

Bewicks Swan at last............

Saturday was not the best of days to be out so I did not bother turning out , except a text re: two Bewick's Swans just less than a mile away and I was out the door and scoping them within minutes , finally after a few years of not seeing any in the County, seemed to be one or two reports of Bewicks over on the east side , why are they moving now and where have they come from .
Sunday after far too much wine the night before , you know those nights when you say go on then I'll just have one drink, so it was late morning before I started to head up the coast , called at Amble just for the walk, several Med Gulls here today , a colour ringed bird new to me but has probably been here awhile, they have finally done something with the prom and now you can get on at the end of the Quay and walk around .
An interesting notice of proposed visits to Coquet Island Lighthouse , not sure how this is going to work, but I must admit not having been on the Island I will certainly be giving it a go !!
Late afternoon stopped at Hauxley heading down to the new hide on the West side , but the footpath flooded so that was the end of that, a few Tree Sparrows in and around the feeders, part of the old west hide is now overlooking a cleared area and the sea , not sure if it is going to be a new feeding area or if it is also intended for seawatching . A couple with a Springer Spaniel which was just left to go anywhere it pleased including the water , I found myself just about to say something, but instead just mumbled under my breath TOSSERS !!, actually the area was very busy with people everywhere, now either they too had a bit of a hangover or the sunshine had brought them out , I hope for the state of the nation that it was the sun, I thought it a waste of time going down too the Ponteland hide so we headed off for East Chevington ................. the final birds of the day 3 Short Eared Owls

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