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Monday, 4 January 2010

Holywell Pond..............95% frozen

Had to get out today so I just went to Holywell Pond, with a small area of open water it attracted a large number of gulls , alas nothing out of the ordinary and only the one colour ringed bird which I think is from the land fill study , still it provided a few hours of birding what with checking the feeders and keeping an eye out for Water Rail (none) not much on the feeders the oddest being a Jackdaw trying to hang on the nuts !!!
Orange ringed Herring Gull No 1162
Wren below the hide window

The Gulls packed in tightly in the small space
looking from the hide
and down the pond about 95% frozen


Divine's Dern Thawts said...

Where ever you are at right now, these birds are execeptional. Wow!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks located Northumberland in the North East of the U.K.(have a look on Google Earth )

Divine's Dern Thawts said...

As soon as I get another break, I want to look further at your work. Awesome!!