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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Where's your fatballs ....Please !! !!

Blyth Estuary
Doing a bit of shopping the other day (fatballs only 49p for 6) I left the car in the carpark and had a walk along to the estuary fist birds I saw three Mistle Thrush , Song Thrush, and a Fieldfare, but further on a large patch of those orange berry bushes (Pyracantha ?) had attracted a flock of about 50, not the most confiding birds and I could not get anywhere near them, save for one or two while chasing Blackbirds would land briefly on a fence post or bush.
Golden Plover on the grass banks, and a few loafing gulls but on the farthest pool which you can only see birds that sit near the top of the bank, several small flocks of Skylarks over , several Snipe flushed even one or two on the exposed mud, I got a brief view of Jack Snipe and took a photo but it was rubbish I have yet to get a decent photo of one .
Reed Bunting , and a couple of Water Rail calling ,also loads of Moorhens with several Redshank and a couple of Oystercatchers again on the grass banks with A couple of Gadwall and afew Teal on the pool, a single Meadow Pipit working the fence edges in the long grass, usually a few around, more Song Thrush along the track on the way back.
As I have already posted the area is fenced off and in the process of redevelopment, so not sure what benefit or detriment the housing etc will bring could be a good patch for some birder moving into the area !!!!
P.S. I always take the netting off .

I seem to have lost the plot just lately three shots of Fieldfare was all I came back with

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