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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Camouflage.............Gear ?

Today I called into Cramlington at that outdoor type shop that sells jackets etc. I was looking for a camouflage type winter jacket, tried a couple on but could not find what I wanted , eventually heading out the shop an item caught my eye , it was a ring of Camouflage with black netting attached , whats this I thought picked one up looked inside and out being elasticated I stretched it out thinking what the hell do you do with this it was obviously to cover something, and thinking I might need one I tried to think what would you want to camouflage thats this big , so I got the specs out to read the label,............Ladies one size Camouflage .........Tutu !! , their going to have one hell of a laugh on me if I'm on CCTV ..........I didn't get a look at the price so if you want one you'll have to go in and find out for yourself !!!!!!!!! I think I might be banned


Johnnykinson said...

I could fancy one myself......just frightened its too too expensive.
Cracking post.

alan tilmouth said...

Does this mean your going to be 'Dancing on Ice' at Holywell sometime soon?

Northumbrian Birding said...

Well guys I've just been brought up to date a bit with 21st century customs, apparently they are bought by groups of young ladies for a hen night,where they all get dressed up in something outrageous, I saw a group of girls on the TV all in pink Tutus (probably southerners)a quick search on the net and you will find camo is now used to make allsorts of clothing,and I mean allsorts, so as the popularity grows I will soon look like a very trendy birder in my old German army flektarn jacket with matching trousers, shirt and cap !!

The Liverbirder said...

It's what the best dressed 'man' about Arcot is wearing this year! But don't worry, it's not me who can't keep your secret, it's the people who tell that can't.

Johnnykinson said...

No GOOSE stepping mind