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Friday, 8 January 2010

A Walk in the White Stuff

I had a walk around the area past a couple of old reservoirs most birds seen where along a stream through an estate , its not till you look in the gardens till you realize just what a haven they are , last years tree with white berries which attracted a dozen or so Waxwings is still laden, the berries must be unpalatable to thrushes ( though I can't see why) the sides of the stream free from snow with a mob of Chaffinches & Tits just keeping ahead of me ,also a number of Song Thrushes, and a pair of Bullfinch , the first reservoir had some open water with a few Mallard and plenty Moorhen, its times like these that you realize how common they are at least 15-20 on this small area .

Out of suburbia and into the fields 4 Greylag in the middle of a field a long way off but still they took off instantly, more Skylarks over and 2 dropped into a field , an area usually alive with birds had nothing at all and this was the case for most of the walk, the area around the other reservoir also usually has a large mixed flock of Finches and several Bullfinch with the occasional Barn Owl but again nothing , it was not until I got back around to the estate , when a male Reed Bunting popped up just in front of me the perfect pose, camera raised & focused,refocused and focused again ,idiot I had knocked the close setting off !! another shot missed , checked the Waxwing tree again nothing, but just next to a bus stop a single Redwing caught my eye so popping away just as a Bus pulled up and me, pointing my camera up at what looked a bare tree........anorak !!
Slim pickings on this tree, don't just look at it get it down your neck !!
Its behind you !!! ........................ only two photos on this walk , my legs where aching when I got back home , it's hard going through snow

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