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Monday, 11 January 2010

Touch of Man Flu !!!!!!

Well it's Monday afternoon the snow is melting slowly ,but I have not been far since Friday sitting in drafty hides and that walk Friday sees me down with the dreaded"Man Flu" so I should have been doing some work of some sort but have spent the time catching up with TV I recorded,browsing the net and checking flights so not a complete waste of time, I use one of those hardrive types what a fantastic idea they are I can also download it to computer if required, the best programme by far was "BBC Life " series the plant life episode was stunning, I especially like the end where they show you how it was filmed ,unbelievable effort to get the shots required. The BBC Natural History Unit has a record of fine productions second to non, and the Birds of Paradise episode on Natural World wow,wow,wow, I wonder when our nearest equivalent to them the Waxwing (opinions may vary) will put in an appearance !!!.
Its been a few months since I gave up the pager and so far not missed it at all, although I am bound to miss something in the Spring, but it's my intention to get out and find something for myself,going to try some new sites for 2010.


Killy Birder said...

This 'Man Flu' is a terrible thing! I had a touch of it in December and found only lots of rest and lots of attention made me feel better. :-)

Agree about the plant programme. The reconstruction of a year in the woodland was fasciniating stuff. Cheers. Brian

Newton Stringer said...

Yep that Birds of Paradise programme was awesome !

I too have recently ditched my pager (which I had for 14 odd years !!) and I don't miss it one little bit !.... and you can't beat finding your own birds...

I do have a safety net tho, I've subscribed to text alerts for 1st reports of "megas", and also 1st reports of BB rares in the North East... so at least I am not totally out of touch should that rubythroat turn up on Holy Island !

Northumbrian Birding said...

KB.. Man Flu or not if there had been anything around worth the trip I would have been out, like Ivory Gull along Ross Sands I would have made it along but not back, but my carcase would help to keep it around for awhile !!
NS.. It was when I had text alert I missed the STONE CURLEW that Stewart found, apparently at the time it was listed as locally common so beware.

Newton Stringer said...

Cheers for that advice NB, its a good point..

To be honest I am not interested in twitching anything unless its a world lifer or perhaps a british tick, I'd rather stay on the patch tbh ! Not too bothered about local rarities or scarcities, so I think I'll probably get away with my current set up.