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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Feeding garden birds

A Redwing in the garden today reminds me I must get some apples, I put out seed and a mixture of shredded suet/flour/marg mixed with a bit water and add whatever else Ive got around it makes a paste which is also good to stick in the hole of a tree or on a fence post , I have to confess I would have no idea what you do with shredded suet I got 3 boxes of Atora for only 50P, last year I bought christmas puddings huge ones shop selling them off for only a £1 each just tip it out , most of the fatballs I bought I just crush so they can be got at quickly the ones hanging hardly touched,the water trough I use is easy to tip over and just kick the base to break the ice, there is a huge pile of ice now but it does not take long to do everything, no sooner back in the house and the mob is down, I am not putting out too much in one go as the snow just covers it freezes and its lost.

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