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Friday, 12 December 2008

11-12-08 Woodhorn, QE11, Linton, then shopping

Thursday I checked out Woodhorn Flash but it is flooded on the walk down so I could not get too near and ended up looking into the light , no sign of the Green -winged Teal, only a small party of Long Tailed Tits ,is it me or are they commoner this year I had about 15 just up the street from me, as yet not seen them in the garden but they do seem to be everywhere, another party at Linton in the woods.
Had a look at QE11 , most birds at the far end, but not in the mood for a walk around, some other day perhaps, on the way to Linton I pulled in beside the field just west of the roundabout, here where a couple of thousand Gulls, this is the field I last saw a Bewicks Swan some time ago , in with the gulls where about 100 Greylag the 5 White-fronts, and the Bean Goose , checked through with the scope , gulls are using the large pool to bathe in .
At Linton still easily over a thousand gulls most of the pond open water, checked through the lot time after time no I/G, and even I got bored looking at so many Herring Gulls , the Bean Goose was here also although I did not see it come in , on the East pond this is where the Teal had moved to, over in the fields and the lane they where flailing the hedges which where heavy in Hawthorn berries, you would think they could leave them till the turn of the year at least, left before dark with 8 Fieldfare on the road out, not seen many this winter so far.
Time for some shopping.................................................
Long Tailed -Tit at Woodhorn Pond

large pools of water in the fields bringing in the gulls , also here about 100 Greylag, 5 White Fronts, and a Bean Goose,

Geese in with the rest

Linton Pond just the far end frozen

Took some flight shots, this bird just looked interesting with it's heavy feet hanging,

Fieldfare just up the lane


abbey meadows said...

Nice shots there. It puzzles me too why they flail hedges at this time of year.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Keeping things tidy ??? seems to be the order of the day !!!

Gary said...

hey, cracking photos glad they turned out well, your patience in the hide certainly paid off! plus you got to eat your grub after it!
thanks for putting the bird in my scope for me. (in my defense i thought i was looking for a juv bird).