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Monday, 22 December 2008

Birds in Northumbria 2007

I have just received a copy of the BIRDS IN NORTHUMBRIA 2007 a bumper edition for the 50th anniversary 1958-2008, this is a fantastic book running into just over 290pp. Can I just say what a tremendous effort all in involved have put into this publication, there are some great photos and some excellent art work throughout the book , and even a photo of the old seawatch hide at Seaton Sluice, I was just there yesterday and trying to remember what it looked like, you had to go up a rickety ladder type stairs in the days when scopes where very few and far between, god am I that old.
check out the link for full details and order information , this will be a collectors item, it even smells good, that new book smell I just love it.
Get a sniff of your own copy here.

I hope I am not infringing any copyright , but I thought it worth showing John Steele's excellent cover

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