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Thursday, 11 December 2008

9-12-08 Bells & Cresswell

A shot of the Moon as I got home taken from the front door

Tuesday another run to Cresswell , but passing the car park there was a least five cars and there not being as many seats as the old hide I headed on past and went to look for the Twite, the flock was soon picked up , but in the field opposite a large flock of Pinkfeet and the Snow Goose, they all lifted circled and resettled, the Twite and Linnet s where also very mobile keeping there distance, it was bitter cold in the wind, so I headed back to the hide at cresswell .

The Bittern showed after ten or so minutes sitting up in the reeds on the edge of the pool and began preening, it's legs and feet looking a bright light green in the strong light but unable to capture the colour with the digi, it sat there for some time till it just melted into the reeds.Water Rail on the edge near the fish box which was favoured by the kingfisher, but it looks dry there now.

The Merlin came over just after I had said it was about due , it turned and came back over the pond and sat on a log, in the distance the Geese flock lifted and you could easily see the Snow Goose, later the Otter came from the outfall actually walking through the shallow water , missed it by a whisker ,popped up again left of the hide, a white winged gull flew over just got onto it to late to get the bill as it flew north thought Iceland at the time but the photos aren't good enough to put a name to it , it does look more towards an adult in age though.

Another good day at Cresswell

Twite & Linnet flock worth a look through might pull in a Shore Lark or two

Snow Goose dropping in with the Pinkfeet

Bittern with one of the Mergansers going past

Merlin sits and ponders.

digiscoped shot of above

White Wing gull high over the pond,looks grey with white in the wings

more like glaucous in this shot. it's a pity I would have liked a much better view, there where no gulls to pull it down to the pond


Birding Sometimes said...

Great moon shot Brian - we take it's beauty forgranted!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thats why I liked the Nikon 4500, from macro to Moon can't be bad.