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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

2-12-08 December day @ Linton

December already not long to Christmas again but plenty time for Christmas shopping yet, so I went for a spell at Linton Ponds, opened the hide to find the pond about 2/3 frozen and plenty of gulls loafing on the ice, checked through for anything unusual but all I got was a very pale Herring Gull looked a little on the small size with shortish legs. The 5 White- Fronts dropped in with some Greylag, there was also a very large flock of Canada which eventually left leaving the pond peaceful again a Fox came onto the ice and began eating whatever it could find. either Goose crap or whatever the gulls had coughed up, nice !!!!, it gave me good views anyway and eyed the Canadas . Huge numbers of Gulls dropped in from time to time but no Iceland/Glaucous
The open water and the ice in the background

Pochard with it's head out

Pale Herring Gull it's wings where also much paler than usual

White- Fronts dropping in , check those gulls in case I missed one !!

The Fox & Geese , good name for a pub.


abbey meadows said...

Nice shots. That pic would make a good pub sign as well!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Had some video of the Fox but it will not upload