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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

7-12-08 Amble & Warkworth

Sunday was a lazy day, a run to Amble harbour late morning and then a walk around the back of Warkworth Castle along the river before dark.

Amble had the usual large number of Gulls the larger ones feeding on chips etc in the harbour, most must have at least high cholesterol, the Black Headed abound near the carparks, they flew straight over as I pulled in and later even the sound of the car window opening was enough to get them over, no meds or Long Tailed in the harbour, so we drove to Warkworth there is a carpark down by the river and a short walk along the river, just out the car and I noted a Fox go behind a Hawthorn so camera in hand I waited but no sign I thought it must have gone into the Gorse but just as I walked away,out it came looking over at me and away but they always look back just to see where you are or what your doing, the path had suffered from the floods you had to look up to see where the level of the water had reached , this path goes past the ferry to the Hermitage (ferry a small rowing boat in the Summer) well worth a look , the river is usually good for Goosanders but not today ,not even a Great Spotted Woodpecker , only a single Goldeneye, the light faded very fast and it was back to the car, well anyway we got some fresh air , and a couple of bargains from the quayside market.

A fleeting glimpse of a Fox as it walked along the river bank

You can just see it's eyes looking back at me.

The splenour of Warkworth Castle, that is the path up at an angle

Outline of the Castle walls in the fading light

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