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Friday, 5 December 2008

4-12-08 Hard Weather, Harder Concrete

Well this week I succumbed to the hard weather in the form of falling flat on back on ice just outside my house, cracking my head and elbow on the ground and knocking the wind out of me, so I have not been far .
For some reason I cannot upload video tried a few times to upload a video of the Fox on the ice at Linton, but it's just not having it computers eh!! or is it just me, seems to be more Waxwings around so I will have to catch up with them for some photos, these are just some shots of the local Barn Owl late afternoon.
I just settled into the hedge and hoped it would come past me

I have taken a one just like this before although that one looked a bit like Tin Tin

It still amazes me how quiet these birds are not a sound as they quarter the field

It was not in the least disturbed by me although it would not come close

It settled a few times, then flew off to try its luck elsewhere

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