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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

17/22-12-08 Blog update( dual carrageway list)

Just an update of my blog , not much to write about, had another go at Linton on the WEd 17th & Sat 20th, the Wednesday the Glaucous put in an appearance in the mid afternoon but not much else, on Sat the geese were again in the field beside the roundabout, a few Redwings and a Fieldfare across from the hide as were a pair of Stonechats , no sign of the Glaucous, but a Barn Owl along the lane at dusk.
Had a look also at Blyth harbour still no sign of the Snow Buntings I think they have moved on , no sign either of the Iceland although it was reported Friday I think.
Sunday the 21st according to my calender it is the start of Winter , but a least thats the shortest day over and the days will slowly................. get longer.
Sunday afternoon it was intended to go along to Seaton Sluice and walk to Holywell Pond and back via the Dene, but on the way I found the Iceland in the middle of the dual carriageway beside the cemetery only yards from where I had the Pomerine last year , not sure what else I have seen here but that's two good birds on my central dual carriageway list !!!! so by the time I got some shots of this in flight and on the ground as it also went up South Newsham road on the verge of South Beach estate and then over the houses , would have been a great garden tick for someone ???? (that used to live there) ,needless to say no time for a walk other than the harbour at the Sluice for Kingfisher and an Eider .

Digiscoped Glaucous on the island at Linton Pond
Iceland Gull  centre of the dual carriageway links road

Iceland Gull South Beach estate Blyth

Iceland Gull South Beach estate Blyth
Video Glaucous Gull Linton Pond 17-12-08

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Rare Visitor said...

Look out for a post on Bird North East on "microsites" as I think your central reservation fits the bill. Any chance of letting me use a copy of the Glaucous video on Gulls on film? (

All the best