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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

30-11-08 Blyth Iceland

Sunday early afternoon I went to Blyth harbour on the bike ,with the hard frost I had hoped the harbour would attract perhaps some divers, the 1st year Iceland was still on show and there was a good number of gulls in the harbour and the shed roof, later a couple of fishing boats came in both with huge numbers of gulls in tow so I checked them as they came in but could not pick out anything unusual , went up to the old tip area but only a mixed flock of Linnets and Goldfinch
Looks bulky in this shot

Iceland Gull in flight keeps away from the mob !!!!

Fading light warms the plumage

This is a large bird for Iceland, but the head shot looks more classic
You have to swallow very fast anything that is caught , or it's gone in a flash

Seemed to be plenty to catch with about a dozen birds fishing

Robbed from a Cormorant, I 'm not sure if these are dead fish picked off the bottom as they do not look very lively, sizable meal by any standards

This is just a few of the birds that follow the boats in as half dropped back and where feeding in a huddle just out of shot

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