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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

15-11-08 Linton

Adult Glaucous Linton Pond

Just went to Linton today for a look through the gulls and see what else would turn up, an adult Glaucous on the ice although I did not see it come in ,perhaps the one I had at Cresswell last week, set up the digiscope gear, disaster my trusted old Nikon 4500 would not zoom in the buttons knackered it will zoom out but not in which makes it useless for digiscoping , I had to put the remote on which is temperamental but at least in zoomed in , the bird sat around for sometime going into the water for a bathe then back on the ice for a preen , while on the ice a Juvenile Herring Gull actually landed on its back and tried to settle ? talk about a bad landing , the Glaucous just gave out a cry and shrugged it off & resettled to preen, later it had a go at another bird for no reason at all chasing it off, funny things gulls. A couple of thousand Pinkfeet lifted to the North but no Snow Goose in with them. The geese still on the field beside the round about,with a couple hundred Pinkfeet there on the way back it might pull in some Whoopers .

Now should I poke around in my camera or just get another , trouble is they don't make swivel screens anymore ????

Heavy vignette on the edge as I could not get the camera to work, the bird really stood out

Got the zoom to work and the light was not to bad, tail is in heavy moult

Time to go and for once I was ready .

At least the birds on the ice give good views

Took off and went West


Gary said...

hello, i was at linton yesterday (20 yo in red coat). just wanted to thank you again for putting my scope on the Glaucous, in my defense i thought i was looking for a juv!
Pleased the photos came out well as it was definitly trying your patience!

Northumbrian Birding said...

No problem, it's a good bird to catch up with.

Northumbrian Birding said...

No problem, it's a good bird to catch up with.