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Sunday, 30 November 2008

29-11-08 IKEA & a bit of birding

Saturday we had to go over to IKEA to return some items but I always go up to Thornley and the feeding station ( for which you need a key from the visitor centre @ 5 pounds) before I go anywhere near Ikea, so we got into the hide which was empty opened up with birds everywhere ,Brambling just below was a nice bird but the two shots I got where blurred it sat in the tree but not in good light which is one of the problems here, Bullfinch, Long Tailed Tits, Marsh Tit, Nuthatch, Blue & Great, Dunnock.
A couple of Deer crossed the open at the wood edge, plenty of Greys here now , they have fitted baskets to let the birds get some seed and keep the Squirrels out, about an hour here was long enough . the sun was moving over and giving good light to some areas but not warming the hide any and the cold was setting in.
After a coffee in the car it was intended to walk to far pastures where there is a small pool and large hide, and a good place to see Red Kite, but walking through the woods without the sun on you it was bitter , we decided to go to Blaydon Pond instead perhaps a white wing gull would be there, but it was frozen solid with a few Teal and Black Headed a walk around the reserve with only a small flock of tits for the trouble so off to IKEA.......................
Brambling not many around so far !!!

Nuthatch always a favourite

Nuthatch again with an odd pose , hey I take what I can get !!

Squirrel control, perhaps they get in ,feed, get too fat and can't get out again !!!!!

About 1 mile or so from the Metro Centre not bad eh !!!!, drop the missus off (with a few quid )and head here.

Long Tailed Tit below the feeders

Blaydon Pond with the A1 in the background, the island are used by Common Terns with pantiles which the young hide in.

Teal hanging around the ice

This hybrid caught my eye, smart bird whatever it's origins .

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