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Thursday, 6 November 2008

6-11-08 St Mary's the Butts

Late afternoon called in at the north end of St Mary's Island called the Butts which were I think back stops for army target practice from WWI, a few Blackbirds coming in and a fall of Goldcrests feeding within a couple of feet of me in the tussocks, a photographers dream except it was so dull I had to go to 1600 iso at 1/10 th as it was to good a chance to pass by they flitted around me calling to each other constantly , walked towards the Willows a Woodcock lifted from the path, not as much at the willows as expected a Water Rail called from the dipping pool end but no chance to see it, more Goldcrests here but it was even duller, a pity because two huddled together not more than three feet away and went to roost I watched them for awhile as they closed there eyes then suddenly they where up and off feeding again, I love these little guys it always amazes me how they can migrate so far and only weigh in at about 6-7 grms Goldcrest


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