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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

15-11-08 That Humes again

Saturday and not wanting to go far I went back up for the Humes and the hope of seeing the pale Chiffchaff that had been around, the dead redwing was gone and only a few feathers showed where it had lain ,probably a Fox or Stoat had found it , checked the Willows and caught sight of the pale Chiff so I went to the dipping pool end and out it came ,it looked much paler than the photo shows. The Humes was still around you could here it calling some way off, it seemed to feed at a much slower pace today giving good views but still hard to get any shots of it and I did not improve on my previous efforts spent most of the afternoon catching up with the latest gossip. Chiffchaff in the willows, in the flesh it looked very grey with white underparts

Humes looking rather bright in this light

Another one of the failures looks odd but does show the wing bar

A party of Long Tailed Tits came through to add some interest

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