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Thursday, 20 November 2008

16-11-08 Cambois pier and rocks

Sunday afternoon we just had a run out to the pier at Cambois I was hoping for perhaps some Snow Buntings in the area, had a quick look out to sea and this Velvet Scoter went north looks to me like a juvenile showing the pale patch on the head and the underparts also look pale, two Goldeneye and a large diver White Billed or Great Northern at 1435 I made the mistake of viewing with the scope through the open window but could not follow it north, 6 Common Scoter south & 60 Ringed Plover on the rocks, only a few Eider, I have seen large (ish) flocks here in the past and was hoping to scan through one, no sign of Snow Buntings the old staithes had 10 Heron and 65 Redshank roosting, with a couple of hundred Black-headed along the railings. On the way back near dusk I checked the fields west of the village as they looked good for SEO but nothing on view Velvet Scoter North

View along the pier, no access these days,but there are ladders down to the rocks ,but not for the faint hearted

Checked the lot for a med as I have not seen one in the river area yet.

Grass now growing on the disused jetty which is now fenced off, some of the 10 Heron roosting here, explains the ones I have often seen going over the harbour just further south

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