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Thursday, 13 November 2008

8-11-08 St Mary's again another try for Humes

Hume's Leaf Warbler

Saturday morning and I again went back to St Mary's to try and get some decent shots of the Humes checking the north end on the way down I found this Redwing freshly killed with a few feathers plucked and half the tail pulled out but just left , can you imagine battling across the North Sea ,you see land and cross the coastline only to be clobbered out of the sky but just left what a waste. Still plenty of Goldcrests around all over the willows and paths, the Humes showed off and on but at such a frenetic pace it was very hard to get a photo about 75% of my photos did not even have the bird in it was so fast your brain to shutter seems to take forever, roll on the day when you can plug your camera into a usb type port on the side of your head.
A few people around so I wandered off to the north shore Water Pipit still around till it flew off south ,around on the wetland ,Teal ,Wigeon, Gadwall, & single Brent , with a Peregrine over .
Stayed in the area till the light went gave up trying to get anymore photos and just used my bins instead.
Redwing killed but just leftTwo Tail feathers from the Redwing there was a group of five but they blew away before I got the photoThis Robin fed amongst the feet of birders as they churned up the ground, must admit I was tempted to try and stroke it for my Robin Strokers badge !!!


Water Pipit on the North shore

Juvenile Brent still on the wetland

Peregrine over the screen at the South end

Crows mobbing the Peregrine which spoilt my chance of a decent shot

Looking towards the deadend ,that looks like the Humes just off centre going right !!!

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