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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

23-11-08 Iceland Gull

Sunday afternoon I went for a walk around the harbour at Blyth not much around other than lots of Great Black-backed Gulls most 1st -2nd years they hang around for whats thrown off the fishing boats or try to rob the Eiders that dive down for the Prawns , but an Iceland Gull 1st year came over and hung around for awhile at first I thought it was a Glaucous perhaps on the small end of the range as it was harder to get the size and shape of head as I was to busy trying to get some shots, the bill looked to large for Iceland but small for Glaucous
Great Black-Backs always in the harbour,these swallow Little Auks whole.

Strong sunlight left me with lots of photos overexsposed

1st year Iceland Larus glaucoides

Great Black Backed flys in and grabs the fish

and flys off with it..........................................................


abbey meadows said...

Nice shots. The one I saw at Linton a couple of weeks ago was a third year bird so there are probably a few about.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for that, I think you are right there are a few around lets hope for an Ivory Gull coming down with them.