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Thursday, 13 November 2008

9-11-08 Desert Wheatear delight

Sunday and I was not out but the call of a Desert Wheatear at Newbiggin meant I had to make apologies go home for my gear and drive at a sensible speed to the power station near Alcan no sign of any birders and the info I had was north of the power station but it looked unlikely so we headed south to near the lagoons what a weird landscape this is but it must of looked homely to the Wheatear picked up as it flew across the rocks it came nearer and nearer so I got what shots I could before the heavens opened , cracking bird showing very well and worth the negative brownie points . There was also a Humes reported from the Mound so I give it the last of the light , plenty of Goldcrests again & a couple of Woodcock but no sign of the Humes but it was reported again after I had left

Could not pick it up as it flew away to get a tail shot

This could have been so good IF !!!, but you get what you get

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