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Monday, 17 November 2008

11-11-08 Humes again

Tuesday started bright if not breezy so back for another try for the Humes no reports from Monday so not sure if was still around ,but I started in the north bay as the tide was rising no sign of the Water pipit, but the Brent was on the sea, took some digi shots of the waders then went over to the deadend nothing other than the still present Robin , but I had come prepared with stool to sit on and a flask of coffee, Goldcrests flitted through then the Humes called but I could not locate it but it showed a few minutes later, luckily it was quite sheltered and the light was better and the bird went around a sort of circuit several times before flying overhead this went on for the rest of the afternoon till the cold set in and the light started to fade, I am pleased with what I got this time , well worth the effort of sitting around and waiting

Posing for a millisecond !!!

Take off..........Humes Warbler

another Glodcrest but this one is on the ground The Sanderling finds this first , it's something edible

Digiscoped, Turnstone pushes in

and starts to eat it with Sanderling looking on,Digiscoped images from the north beach

Brent feeding on the rising tide


Stewart said...

You're rightly pleased there Brian. Great pics....

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for that, I have countless pictures of empty branches though. it was a great little bird took some getting a shot of but worth the effort.