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Sunday, 16 November 2008

10-11-08 Waxwings & Pallas's

Pallas's Warbler

Monday I headed up to Ashington for the Waxwings pulled up just behind the garage and there they where nice and easy took some photos but suddenly they where off and into the gardens to the west, so I left to go back to the Mound for a reported Pallas's Warbler , it had been seen but was not pinned down so I had another walk around in the hope of the Humes calling ,I would probably still remember it from Friday !!, no sign of that but going back up the main track the Pallas's popped out for a few seconds giving good views now these are stunning little warblers

Waxwings Ellington road I only had about thirty but there had been up to 80

Pallas's is that way mate ........................................!!!I must have one or two Goldcrest photos now but I just think there great
A stump in the small wood with some nice fungal growth

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