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Friday, 21 November 2008

!9-11-08 Five Species of Geese on one pond

Although Wednesday was bright and sunny it was also breezy , so I thought I would call in at Linton Ponds to see the White Fronted Geese, on the way I stopped at QE11 pond not much here other than about 10 Pied Wags & the large number of Mute Swans but also this duck, where do they come from have not seen this one here before ,it looked so unusual I thought it worth a shot I have seen them somewhere before ?.
Linton the five White Fronts still there two adults and three juveniles, also present apart from the very large number of Canadas, Greylag, one Bean, & one Pinkfoot, there is sometimes in with the Canadas a Barnacle Goose but not today so only the five species of Goose on one pond not bad though.
The gull numbers are rising but at least for me as yet no white wingers ,not here anyway but I am sure I will have them before to long as I spend a bit of time here
I suppose you could call it a Tufted Duck !!!!!

Bean Goose still around ,digiscoped

Five White Fronts ,Canadas & Herring Gulls



Digiscoped as they came across the pond

And another as they came across the pond ,digiscoped

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