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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

12-11-08 The Mound & The Desert

Wednesday another bright day so I headed back to Newbiggin straight to the bay looking for Meds, but all the gulls seemed way off so I headed back to the mound , no reports of Pallas's from Tuesday but I looked around anyway about twenty minutes later a Pallas's called and I located on the top of the mound in the open area showing well but again very fast as it hopped from tree to tree I took loads of shots most where binned it went out of sight so I headed around the area again to see if there was anything else around coming back to the top I located the bird again but now it was feeding low in the Brambles etc. So I left it to it and headed back to see the Desert Wheatear but it had not been seen and with the tide in , a few others where looking for it and we headed back to its original location, it was picked up at some way off , and we trekked onto the stony area, it did not come to close but as everybody left and I was heading back to the car it came within yards of me giving some great views.

Pallas's Warbler The Mound

One of those IF shots at least it shows the rump !!!!!!!!!!

And one of the misses there is a bird in there

Sparrowhawk over the mound not looking for a rare bird just any bird .
Just a different pose

Desert Wheatear it came towards me at the last minute what a cracking bird !!!!!!


me ann my camera said...

The Desert Wheatear looks like a lovely bird, very pretty with its side trim of black feathers. Love the view on the rock.

Thank you for your input on the photo of the Iceland gull I had posted today. It is a life bird for me. Your id help is much appreciated.

st said...

on your marks.
you have been latley.
some cracking stuff.

Northumbrian Birding said...

st. Thanks for the comments,there has been some good stuff around lately.
me ann my camera, that was just my opinion on the bird, there are lots of photos on my blog of Glaucous & Iceland, and google images will provide lots more.
Thanks for the comments