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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

24-11-08 Seawatch

Monday and with what seemed a favourable wind I went seawatching lots of Kittiwakes moving was the first thing noted, with also Gannets, not a great amount and most of them Juveniles , a total of three Great Northern Divers and about 10 Red Throats, 20 Brent, Velvet Scoter ,Wigeon.,Long Tailed Duck and Common Scoter, Mallard & Teal, and a few Fulmar with a Kingfisher on the rocks below, not a bad morning which ended abruptly at 10am as any movement stopped !!!

Brent moving north showing just how low they hug the sea as they disappear in a trough, I'm sure I read it provides an updraft and conserves energy flying close to the surface.
and the same birds showing better

Kingfisher on the rocks and it dipped into one of the pools

Kingfisher having a day at the seaside !!

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