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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Holywell/ Swallow Pond 14-5-09

Swallow at Holywell taking mud etc from the edge

On the bike again cycled through to Swallow Pond via Holywell , Iceland Gull on small flash with other gulls , single Pinkfoot and 7 Mutes on Holywell something must have happened to the breeding pair, Swallows and Martins collecting mud from the edge, Greylag with 6 young, several Wall Brown, and Orange Tips , with lots at Swallow Pond, a working party in the clearing, so I gave up chasing Butterflies with the camera, the Red Deer Stag still around , and plenty of activity on the pond as always , the small pond looked rather polluted it was good for Dragonflies but none today, went back via Backworth pond which had 2 Common Terns on , only viewed from the Bridleway so could not check for waders, lots of Comfrey here with a mix of Bluebells with shades through to white, there is a public footpath between the two kennels and I think if it is not used it could be lost as there is a Bridleway to the east and track to the south, so the footpath does not go anywhere other than the pond edge and over the water inlet (which was pumped from mines not sure if it is still the case) and around back to the track. Another bright sunny day with a very cold breeze in parts


A pair of confiding Tufted on "Dukes Pool" just south of the visitor centre, there are a few ponds worth checking for Dragonflies in this area

Sitting having my coffee could not resist another attempt at a Hoverfly in flight

Wall Brown

The very dark underside of...........................

...................... A Peacock

Orange Tip out in force now always nice one to see

Orange Tip on Cuckoo Flower their host plant I believe

A female Orange Tip I think !!!!!!! my guide does not show females

A Swallow singing from the wires, you can get very close to birds while on a bike its when you stop to get a shot when they take off , this one unfortunately against the light


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