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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cresswell Pond /Druridge Pools 6-5-09

The plan today was take the bike to Cresswell and cycle along to Hauxley , but the wind strenghtened from the west making it awkward so I only got as far as Druridge Pools.
Cresswell a Grasshopper Warbler and Sedge near the carpark the Grasshopper was to far away although did show itself well, a Common Sandpiper circled the small pool looking for somewhere to land, on the main pool a male Goosander and the usual ducks only a Dunlin with some 1st Summer Common & Black Headed Gulls a report of Iceland at Cresswell but not seen by me, lots of whites flying today before the wind picked up I stopped at Lynemouth, Blackcaps Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff Sedge Dunnock, & Wren all trying to outdo each other.
I got the bike off and headed North 5 Whimbrel and two Wheatears at the far end , went along the track to Bells Pond followed by the Sheepdog, I shut it out of the field as the farmer was working on the fence, the dog got through and followed me it ran up to the farmer who chased it back home , it came back to me tail wagging so I lowered my tone and told it to get back home, I didn't let it through I told the farmer ,it turned out the dog had killed a Pheasant sitting on a nest and took it to it's master so it was now in the dog house (or supposed to be), and the eggs in an incubator, the dog was still at the gate when I got back............ only two Shoveller and a pair of Swans on the ponds.
Druridge from the Budge screen its, still looking good, but another Whimbrel the only wader.
From the hide 2 Black-tailed Godwits, Ringed Plover and numerous Lapwings also a Ruff, then a Wood Sandpiper dropped in as did a couple of Sandwich Terns , Little Egret in the distance and Two Common Terns on the main pool with Swifts over , actually 4 Swifts screaming around my street in the am I wonder how many nest in the area.
4 new birds to add to the year list !!!


abbey meadows said...

Good days birding despite the wind. The wind is putting me off getting out today but there is a strong urge to get out there and make the most of it.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers ,that's what I like about the blogs gives you the go to get out and find something, anything, yours pushed me to check out flowers again, Plessey Woods for me today, should have some shelter !!!!!